Unbelievably The Richest Musician From Montana Still Lives Here

We've talked before about how Montana isn't really known for being a hotbed for musical acts like the cities Seattle, Memphis, or Minneapolis.

On the other hand we've had plenty of musicians leave Montana and become rich and famous, but which one has had the most success and made the most money in the music industry?

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This Musician Continues To Give Back To Montana

It's rare when those that make it big, remember where they came from, but by all accounts this musician seems to have remembered their roots.

They have been involved with all sorts of charities in the state, and has helped out many struggling small towns in the state as well.

And while they might not live here full time, they do have a home in the state, and they come back to perform quite regularly as well. So do you know who we're talking about?

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Jeff Ament Grew Up In Big Sandy

Growing up in Big Sandy Jeff made his way to Missoula and then off to Seattle where he and his band, Pearl Jam, were at the forefront of the grunge revolution in the early 90s.

Today he still lives part time in Montana as he has a house outside of Missoula.

He's very active with charities in Montana as he helps raise funds for the Montana Pool Service and the Montana Skate Park Association.

He is worth 70 million dollars today making him the richest musician from Montana. See the richest person in each state by checking out the gallery below. 👇

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