Will the Beartooth Highway Open By Memorial Day Weekend?

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many people throughout the Treasure State are fighting off cabin fever and making plans to travel over the upcoming three-day weekend.

I remember growing up in Billings; more times than not, over the Memorial Day weekend, we would head to Red Lodge in hopes of checking out the Beartooth Highway.

Road crews in Montana and Wyoming always aim to get the Beartooth pass opened for the three-day weekend.

However, as we know all too well here in Montana, Mother Nature often has other plans.

Staying true to tradition, my wife, I, and a few family friends plan to visit Red Lodge and Beartooth Pass this year.

However, the recent snow is a bit of a gamble as to whether the past will be open.

Beartooth Highway Status

As of today, May 15, 2024, the Beartooth pass is still closed.

Road crews are working to get the pass open in time for the Memorial Day weekend, but as I mentioned above, recent snow has made this a bit challenging.

Crews are plowing through 12 to 16 inches of fresh snow and significant drifts near the summit.

Montana Department Of Transportation

For the latest updates on the Beartooth Highway, CLICK HERE

The Montana Department of transportation has been doing a great job posting videos of the plowing progress.

They have a YouTube page dedicated to these videos.

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