BOZEMAN -- The Montana State University Extension Service has issued an Ag Alert bulletin, after its Schutter Diagnostic Lab reported receiving winter wheat and pulse plant samples with symptoms of frost damage and Pythium infection. Symptoms noted in the bulletin:


Cold damage in wheat: Winter Wheat leaves may show injury as yellow tips and dying tissue (Fig. 1). Stems may also split, interrupting plant water and nutrient uptake. Wheat spikes may die off, initially indicated by leaf yellowing in the whorl. In spring wheat, color banding (yellow, white, brown, purple bands) can be apparent when temperatures fluctuate from day to night.

Cold damage in pulse crops: Cold injury of dry pea, lentil, and chickpea often shows up as leaf damage, which initially appears water-soaked then becomes brown, found predominantly in the interveinal tissue.  Chickpeas are quite affected by frost, with leaves on the top of plants turning yellow or white and looking dry.

Pythium damage in pulse crops: Pulse crops affected by Pythium in the soil will appear stunted, with light brown roots, show poor vigor, and secondary roots may be pinched off. Seed may also decay, leading to poor crop establishment.

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